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The Hong Kong-based Fung Group has 105 years of business heritage and is today a multinational Group operating in 40 countries with 45,800 employees worldwide. Founded in Guangzhou as a traditional trading company in 1906, Its core business are in trading, logistics, distribution and retail businesses.

Heritage Foods (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited is managed by Fung Strategic Holdings Limited, a company under the Fung Group. By leveraging the extensive sourcing networks of the Fung Group, it develops regional brands that deliver authentic, quality localised products that will appeal to Asian consumers.

With its strong business foundation, Fung Group continues to evolve and lead the global market, led by Chairman Dr. Victor K Fung, who serves as the Honorary Chairman of Li & Fung Limited, and Deputy Chairman Dr. William K. Fung, who holds the positon of Group Chairman of Li & Fung Limited.

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1906 – Founded in Guangzhou as a traditional trading company

1937 – Li & Fung (1937) Limited established in Hong Kong by Mr. Fung Hon Chu

1973 – Li & Fung Limited went public and the issue was 113 times oversubscribed

2000 – Li & Fung Limited is added to the Morgan Stanley Capital International and the Hang Seng Index.

2016 – Fung Group marks 110 years in business


Dr. Victor K. Fung
Group Chairman, Fung Group
Honorary Chairman, Li & Fung Limited

Dr. William K. Fung
Group Chairman, Li & Fung Limited
Chairman, Global Brands Group Holding Limited
Group Deputy Chairman, Fung Group