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A world of delicious possibilities starts here.

We understand customers’ needs and requirements and able to offer a variety of customizable sauces and condiments accordingly.

With a team of highly skilled specialists in food science, culinary art, nutrition and food engineering, we are able to synergize the expertise to provide high quality customizable sauces and condiments to retail and food service customers across the world.


Committed to our mission of honouring the legacy of time-tested brands, Heritage Foods’ product development is founded on our philosophy of “Heritage + Innovation = π”, as we ensure our product lines evolve with consumer trends and stay abreast of the changing marketplace.

Our teams in China, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan have developed product lines such as convenience sauces, quick-cook sauces, ready-to-eat and healthy foods tailored to local consumers, in addition to meeting the needs of F&B, retail channels and supply chain for Chinese, Japanese and Southeast Asian specialty products. We are also proud to be a one-stop solutions provider for product marketing, service marketing, gourmet foods marketing

We have a team of professionals that help to develop new recipes and create authentic-tasting flavours, in a variety of size and packaging options.

Only the finest goes into our each and every product, while complying with the strictest quality controls and regulations be it in food manufacturing, packaging or storage.

Our long-established partnerships with market suppliers mean that we have the most updated industry knowledge and are able to leverage economies of scale.

Accelerate your business goals by tapping on our custom sauce manufacturing services to tailor make products and recipes to your specifications.