An Asian food condiments brand, Woh Hup Food specialises in manufacturing authentic, easy-to-cook sauces that are healthy too. Its signature range includes traditional Southeast Asian favourites such as Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice Sauce, Oyster Sauces and Tom Yum Paste – localised condiments which enable home cooks and professional chefs alike to prepare these familiar classics or explore new culinary creations.

Since its humble beginnings in 1937, the company has gone on to establish a distribution and retail network in over twenty countries worldwide, including India, China, Australia and other parts of the Asia Pacific. In 2015, Fung Investments acquired a 100% stake in the company, and Woh Hup Food became part of the Fung Group.



Established since 1818, Hamada Shoyu Co., Ltd has been a long-standing manufacturer of soy sauces in the Kumamoto prefecture of Kyushu. Its products are locally made in Kumamoto, using premium Japanese Soy Sauce technology, and it has crafted a niche in fulfilling requirements for made-to-order seasonings.

In 2001, the Hamadaya soy sauce warehouses were officially recognised as a cultural landscape of Kumamoto. By 2007, a total of nine of its buildings were declared as tangible cultural properties of Japan.


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A leading sauce and condiments manufacturer in Malaysia specializing in naturally-brewed soy sauce and bean paste since 1945. The company’s flagship brand, Angel, is today enjoyed not only in Malaysia but across Asia to Europe and from Australia to the U.S. With a full range of more than 100 different sauces and condiments, the company helps professional chefs and home cooks around the world add fine taste to meals 365 days a year.




A leading platform for food related promotion and communication in particular Japanese food. Based in Tokyo of Japan, it consists of:

Tsukiji Cooking – a cooking school located nearby Tsukiji wet market for foreign travelers.

Kitchen Life – a digital platform connecting commercial brands, private chefs and housewives.

FoodiesGoLocal – a digital platform to provide food / restaurant reports and organize culinary tours to restaurants and food manufacturers.





Founded in 2018, Salam is committed to producing cooking sauces that enhance and enrich the delectable taste of Muslim cuisine. “Salam”, an Arabic word which means “peace”, is what inspired the brand’s name.

Specifically catering to the Muslim market, Salam ensures that all its sauces comply with the most stringent standard of Halal quality control in every step of its manufacturing process.

Ideal for cooking a wide variety of dishes and as using a dipping sauce or condiment, its versatile sauces complement and add delightful flavour to everyday meals.